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Favorgraphy by JamalYusef Favorgraphy by JamalYusef

how to know someone by looking threw them fav!!..
(the Dark Side of dA!!..)

is something I made of and you might know why after reading these dA Tutorial!!

here is simple facts that could help anyone who wants to know some info about other people without even knowing them!!..

maybe some of you already know about these!!.. maybe other don't!!.. and some might find these interesting while other could become more (careful) about what they add to their collections!!
and you wants to remember that not everyone is a (good) person!!..

for my good luck I knew about these from a friend who works for a newspaper and he pass me an article about these kind of "knowledge and the risk of it" that you find it out in the social community on the internet!
such as Blogs, Facebook, MySpace,... and dA is one of these community!
at the first place you could think _as I did_ that these is kind of paranoia thing!!.. but you have to make sure by yourself first!..
so I started to check out my own fav collection to compare it with my personality depending on the study that we had in the commercial habituated (in advertisement sociology) and see if that was a true that you could know what people likes without asking them!!..

so here is the basic things to notice then you could share your own ideas or try it on your own collections!!..

My habitude
    • statistic could tells you a lot! for example: I fav without commenting :D and you could know about that by comparing the comments vs. the favorites!
    • I'm blind to pageviews; meaning that I don't care about if you're a popular or not!!.. and sometimes it means that people don't wants these option!!..
    while I need it coz it works as a visitor counter which is very important in every website!..

My Collections
    • Animals collection: you could know that my fav animals is Kitten and Husky!
    • People collection: you could know that I prefer the red hair girls/women!!.. and I fav the pic of guys who look like me!!.. :D
    • Dandelion collection: sure you'll know that it's my fav thing!!.. and I could never resist any thing Dandelion!!.. ;)
    • collections attached to specific artist!.. will I have 2 of these!!.. while if you might notice that I already have a lot of favs for other specific artists, and I almost fav all their galleries!! so why those?!!.. might these means that you (support) these artist! and that you need to find their works (that you like the most) in front of you!.. plus that, it's a good example for the kind of art that you like the most!...
    • personal collections: I have two!!
    one called; "visual board" that's mean, these is what I wants to see, or what I already saw!!.. while the other called; "something goes to my heart" and with these kind of collections you could take the meaning from the name of it!..
    • archive; is usually for archive! :D
    • from my friends! will it's about things that my friends made it for me or to share with me!
    other kind of collections:
      • the ID or friends collection: and usually people who made these kind of collection are mostly like the (real world) and they wants to meet friends in real or they just like to see how the artist look like!!..
      • people made collections attached to things they like the most! which is after all what the collection system about!..
      there might be a simple kind of collection like the resource, nature, photography, digital art, traditional art, black and white photography,...etc
      and other kind who usually for those who fav without comment like a collection: excellent works! amazing art...etc usually used to tell the artist that they like that piece that much! :D

Favorites category:
    you could brows the favorites, simply in the specific category you wants to find out about, and these work most with people who never add collections! so it's like you made a temporary collection to browse from, so they same data could be figure out of and same as collection you could know:
    their fav car, look of girl/guy, food, animal, gay/straight, political, fav places, cartoon character, artist, style of art,...etc you just name it then browse it!..
    with the search box!.. you could find even more!!

    extra note!.. you might find people who almost never use/see a specific categories and that's maybe because they have no interest in these kind of works, or just because they don't know it's exist!!

    ps: some categories have the most view and maybe the less fav!!.. such as the Wallpapers, Tutorials, open source, stock, skins, design,...etc!!..
    also some works which have views in total like 3000 with less than 30 fav!!!..
    will, we hope that people respect art and if they like or download or learn anything from these kind of works to show their appreciate by fav'ing on the work or leaving a comment with suggestion or critique!.. and of course to respect the rights of the artist!!
    but also we know that people (out of dA) who reach to these pages by google or just because they know dA!!.. and the art thieves of course!

    Watcher List:
      • if you compare my watch list with my friend list, you'd find out it's almost the same while I was fav works by particle artist almost every time!!.. means that I watch who watch me! also I add other but I don't post them under the friends label coz they are not!!.. in the other hand you see that I watch people but rarely add any of their works!!.. ok, that means either I watch them because they watch me _and I never say no for anyone who wants to be my friend_ but maybe I don't like their style of art!
      it's personal and normal to be disagree with your friends!.. or simply that just because they didn't add anything new! ;)
      • Circle of friends!.. usually all the new friends come from our friends!!.. just like the real life!.. and I believe it's true that we're in dA in a big Circle of friends! so please don't hide your friends! ;)
      • people who :+devwatch: you without :+fav:'ing or commenting on your works might already know that if they watch you then you'll watch them back!!.. (so don't :D) and those simply looking for a watchers!!.. while if that person was already a great artist or a very popular one and did that!! will, that must means "they likes your style, and they support you, but they believe that you could do better and they will wait to see it!!
      otherwise it means that they hit the wrong button! :D

    Fav and R U N
      • for example, I had in my inbox (now) 6,054 Deviations!!.. and I use a dial up/slow connection and of course not all of them you might like!!.. but if you decided to see some and to comment on other!! and you don't have daily access then that may take a year to catch!!..
      • I don't know how many people that speak English as their first language!! but I'm sure the (most) is from a different BG!! and you could find some (silly) people make fun of those (who already more!!..) they don't speak it that good!!.. and that is something could block greatest artist from going into forums and making Tut and sharing their skills!! and the other feel shy and make 100 apologize before they commenting on some one's work!!.. and they don't have to!!.. because there is nothing to be shame of if you don't speak English!! the shame is on those who make fun of you!!.. and we all love our (mother) language and we all respect it!.. but as one community stands on share and meeting a new people from all over the world and cultures, we all need to be open mind and do our best in making a good art and connection with other!!.. not to hide our talent just because some silly people could make fun on you!! coz there is other who will welcome in your words even if it was hard to be understood!..
      • art is something personal! you could feel and like without knowing why!!.. and that whats happened with those who fav & run coz they don't know what to say!!.. while other could just pop up single word just to show their interesting!!.. while other don't know what is that thing that you made and they like!!.. it happens!!.. ;)

    Extra adds!..
      • like the LastFM playlist, FlagCounter, Twitter, Meez,...etc is all for those who would like to have more friends online!..

    Comments on the profile page!
      • and I'm consecrating on the first page only coz hiding comments in the deviation is something different for most of us!.. you might notice some guys hide every comment from the profile page they got, for thanks on fav or such a thing! and I really couldn't understand that behave! :?
      but my guess goes for: (they might guess it's like spam for other visitors!.. )
      maybe if you're one of them could help us discovering why?!! or if you have other guess could help!..

    as you can see, it's like wikideviant!!.. so everyone is invited to add what they could let us understand these community in case for making it better and to protect it by knowing it!

    after all that..
    DON'T PANIC!!..
    because there is a very simple/serious solutions!

    dA solutions:
    in my opinion: dA must add more security for info like:
      • if someone wants to see your journal and fav's collections then you have to agree on the add!!.. while the gallery, news, polls, scrap, and the add to follow the artist will be public or under the choice of the artist them self! and I think less will chose to be private!!.. coz it's suppose to be about art not MySpace thing!!.. but adding that option maybe could make a little different..
      while they can add a sub option to add specific folders from the gallery to be privet!!..
      • the statistic added to the privacy option!..
      • pageviews had more option like if you wants to show/hide it!.. see it without visitor seeing it!.. completely blind to it!

    Personal solution:
      • be smart!..
      • don't watch back people you don't know, or at least their arts! (if the dA solutions done!)
      • always and always and always add a wetmark to your works!.. so in these way we could know who made these if we find it somewhere out of dA without a credit!!..
      you could use a simple pixel font if you wants to keep the beauty of your art shows to every one!.. or if you just would like to take a critique or sell your works, then you might use the photoshop brushes or the simple dA wetmark!..
      and it's not about if you're painting the Monalisa or if you just scratching like a cat!! we all think that our rights deserve to be protect!! and not everyone good enough, so what!
      • use a small size!.. not so small!! just some size about 700 and 900 pixel! in general!.. and if you're using photoshop, then you might like to use: (save for Web & Devices) for a good options and (File Info) to add a digital metadata!

    so whats about Favorgraphy?!!.. do you think that we should stop faving and making collections?!!.. :?
    hell, NO!!.. we should continue adding and appreciating art, there is a lot of categories full of great arts waiting for you to discover!.. so I'd say, add!! add even more!!.. and let the good guys on our community take care of us!!.. ;) we trust on them, that is the first thing we did when we hit the "I accept" button to become member in these community, where art meet application! :aww:

    Finally, I really have no intention to make a big deal of these thing!!.. all I wants is the best for our community and to share with you guys!..
    and sorry for my English!.. :aww: It's not my first or second or even third language!! but I wants to share with all!!.. so hope you could find something useful here!.. and to let me know if there anything you wants to understand more about it!
    wants to see your comments to make these bitter!!.. also if you wants to edit these file and to correct the grammar and other language matter, or if you wants to translate it to your own language please just do it! then note me with it and I'll be thankful for the support!

    wish you the best!.. have a nice day! ;)

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sombra-khenney Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
is it a bad thing to fav? i fav peoples works ALL the time. and i usually dont comment, i fav when i like i comment when i love, or when the artist requests it.

my gallery is sooo really its hopeless and so is my favs folder. just terrible
taoMega20 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
so true, hope you can take a look at my gallery, but i understand if you cant
My-Cat-Romance Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Look at my gallery and tell me something about me.
Bubasti333 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Very insightful! Thank you for submitting this. :)
lxblack Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok so look at my favorites and tell me who I am.
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lxblack Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You got all of that right...
Sience or not its still creepy...
Nirelleth Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
Haha, that's funny ;)
artbyvj Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010
and frineds they watch and frineds thath comment and unsers they make to the gallery of the frineds :)if you check the frineds gallery :))))) love the essay :) :dance:
artbyvj Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010
:dance: ant of course favs :) tell a lot :)
artbyvj Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2010
I think that theyir gallery thinks day say in gallery and commnets can tell a lot about person, even see how one person changed during :) a period of time :) if you watch that gallery for like 9 years :dance :) :)))))
Yastirin Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010
When I was browsing through "pixel tut" I wasn't expecting this neat essay. xD

Very nice! I haven't been on DA for very long but what you say I see is mostly true for everyone here.
sadconfusion Featured By Owner May 20, 2009   Writer
very true. and valid points.
Hidden by Owner
Hidden by Owner
ninereeds-DA Featured By Owner May 19, 2009
You make some interesting points and "otherwise it means that they hit the wrong button!" made me laugh :D
It's happened to me a few times and I do wonder: why watch me if you don't like my stuff? :confused:
rdalpes Featured By Owner May 19, 2009
Eliza-mac Featured By Owner May 19, 2009
Interesting reading. I've developed a habit in new galleries I visit, I don't pay much attention to their pageviews but I generally have a look at how many comments they've made and number of favs they've collected. What got me started on that was noticing several people who comment on everything (not just in my gallery) but fav almost nothing. How can someone be here 4 years and have only 80 favs? :confused: In one case it seems to match up with self indulgent journals, why fav when you feature only yourself! Oops... turning into a rant :P
Hidden by Owner
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Askapart Featured By Owner May 18, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
very interesting topic to talk about and totally agree with the fave thing
thank you for sharing

much love and respect
oO-Rein-Oo Featured By Owner May 17, 2009   Photographer
I think that you can tell a lot of a person by looking at their faves indeed... Well said.
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